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Charity and Church Accountants

Charity and Church Accountants

Specialist service based on years of experience

Charity Specialists: Welcome
Charity and Church Accounting services

Charity and Church Services

For many years Wyatt & Co has provided accountancy services for charities, churches and not for profit organizations.

As a firm, we provide specialist accounting services for charities based on our team's experience and skill set.

These services include Accounts preparation, independent examination, governance advice, financial procedures and systems reviews, management reporting, gift aid claims and outsourcing support.

Most recently we have also supported clients to explore cloud-based accounting solutions specifically designed for charities and churches.

For more information about our specific services relating to charities please contact Nigel Wyatt or Tim Wyatt for more information. 

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Accounts Preparation and Independent Examinations

Transparent and Thorough Accounts Preparation and Independent Examination for Charities and Churches - Empowering Good Governance.

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Does your Church or Charity use Expense Plus?

Expense Plus Accounting Package for Churches and Charities

For a number of years we have worked closely with the cloud based accounting package Expense Plus. Its safe to say we are big fans of Expense Plus and the service they provide to Churches and Charities. Having used the system in house for many years with a number of our outsource clients we have built a detailed experience of the system and a close working relationship with the Expense Plus team.

We provide tailored accounts preparation, independent examination and outsource finance services for organizations whom use Expense Plus.

Accounts Preparation and Independent Examinations

Accounts Preparation and Independent Examinations

We provide accounts preparation and independent examination services for charities reporting under the Charities SORP or under Cashing Accounting. 

We work with a growing number of Churches and Charities from across the UK, ranging from small newly registered charity's through to larger organizations operating at around the £1m mark.

Our aim is to provide an efficient, transparent and value added service to all of our charity clients.

As part of our service we provide a yearly Findings, Feedback and Recommendations report with our examinations. This stems from our passion to help our charity clients develop and improve their financial governance.

Church and Charity Finance Outsourcing

Church and Charity Finance Outsourcing

We provide a range of outsourced accounting support for Churches and Charities drawing from our many years of experience in this area of work.

Our services consist of regular book keeping support, internal management reporting, gift aid management and much more.

We aim to help you as an organization understand what level and balance of outsourcing support you require. 

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Resources and Sector Updates

Check out our Resources and Sector Updates section below filled with helpful resources and content for those involved in the financial management of Churches and Charities.

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The Church Office Podcast - Financial Management and Governance

Tim was recently invited on the Church Office podcast to share about some of the financial challenges churches have faced during the pandemic. Tim and Givan have a very interesting discussion around the important of charity governance and provide some practical examples and application points for UK churches. They also discuss some of the implication for church budgets and some useful tips to consider over the next few years.

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Essentials and Fund Accounts Training

In May 2021 Tim provided some training in partnership with Expense Plus on the Essential of Fund Accounting. 

This 1-hour training session covers topics such as:

- The principles of fund accounting and common pitfalls

- The difference between receipts & payments and accruals accounting

- Capitalisation of fixed assets, depreciation, and common mistakes

- Creating year-end accounts

Following the main session, there is a 30 minute Q&A with Tim, hosted by Sam from ExpensePlus.

Charity Specialists: Video
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